every time i tweet miles what i’ve been posting on here forever it happens

for months i posted “okay church and carolina can come back now” and then the one monday i tweet miles telling him to bring them back, they’re back

i’ve been talking about the AIs and wishing them back for even longer, and then i tweet miles like “listen either bring the AIs back or put them on a shirt just do something” and whabam they’re BACK

twitter is a wishing well



sorry just…doodles I will….do something else later! ;U; i hate that it is an odd number so the first three images are….awkward….

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I’m really a cat person

The last one omg


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vhs regional at best___part1 [part2]_[photocredz]__


The history of film in one scene


bless you if you can admit your favorite character has flaws.



hey there lovelies!! i am about to be a sophomore in college and right now i want to focus on taking commissions again to make some money for myself. i need money so i can help pay for college as well as purchasing things i will be needing and also saving up money to try to attend magfest in 2015 so i can meet my girlfriend in person as well as youtubers i love.

for my commissions adding a simple background will come at no extra cost but adding more people in the drawing will. we will discuss how much more it will all be when you send me what you would like me to draw.

just a quick warning: i won’t draw gore, nsfw images, armor (i.e. rvb armor) and animals but i will draw pretty much anything else for you

if you’re interested in commissioning me or would like more information about my commissions: please send me an ask at my art blog or email me at kaitlynachieves@gmail.com

if you could reblog this post to help spread the world i would be extremely grateful to you!! thank you all so so much in advance!! uwu

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Found this ad in a Nickelodeon magazine from 2004.

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the office is such a stupid show i love it so much

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Hey i tried my hand at semitransparency

this asshole took way longer than he should have